5 Microsoft Outlook Features You Didn't Know About!

By: Abacus access
5 Microsoft Outlook Features You Didn't Know About!

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email client used by thousands of businesses around the world. Here are 5 tips to improve your workflow within Outlook!

1. Use the Search Function Effectively!

- When searching for emails from a certain sender, preface your search with "from:" followed by the sender's name.

     (ex: "from: abacus it")

- You can also narrow your searches by time, using the "received:" parameter. Or if you're looking for an attachment, use "hasattachment:"

     (ex: "from: abacus it received: last week", "from: abacus it hasattachment: yes")

- Use the word "AND" to search multiple words at the same time. You can also use "subject:" to search subect fields exclusively.

     (ex: "abacus it AND outlook", "subject: abacus it")

2. Disable Desktop Alerts!

Are those alerts on your desktop distracting you from your work? Turn them off by going into:

Options -> Mail -> disable "Display a Desktop Alert"

3. Learn your Shortcuts!

There are multiple ways to ditch your mouse and use your keyboard for common tasks. For example:

- Use Ctrl+Shift+M or Ctrl+N to start a new email

- Use TAB to navigate through the "CC:" and "BCC:" fields to get to the body of the email

- You can even use F7 to run a spell check!

- When your email is ready to be send, simply press Ctrl+Enter

4. Add Public Holidays to your Calendar!

Public holidays can make correspondence difficult, as they can be easy to forget and a chore to schedule around.

If you'd like to add these holidays to your calendar, go to:

File -> Options -> Calendar -> Add Holidays (you can even choose the countries that you want to acknowledge holidays for!)

5. Add a second time zone!

When running a business, there are many times where you will be in contact with someone in a different time zone. Instead of trying to remember the time difference between Los Angeles and New York for instance, just add the times to your calendar! Go to:

File -> Options -> Calendar -> Time Zones -> Show a second time zone

From here you can choose a label and which time zone you want to reflect.

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