Apple's Gameplan for Fall 2017

By: Abacus access
Apple's Gameplan for Fall 2017

This fall, Apple will be introducing updates to their OSX and iOS operating systems. Titled "High Sierra" and "iOS 11" respectively, there will be a flood of new features and functionality geared to make life easier for users everywhere. Let's get into the best new features for iOS we can expect this fall!

1. Files app for iOS 11

File management on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone has always left something to be desired. This fall, we will get a proper file manager similar to OSX's "Finder" in the form of the Files app. This app will be able to browse across all iOS devices, as well as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, and most importantly ShareSync.

2. Dock for iPad

Continuing to bridge the gap between computer and tablet, iOS 11 introduces a functional dock to iPad (just like the dock used by Macbooks and iMacs). Opening and previewing open apps will only be a swipe away.

3. App Switcher: Redesigned & Drag and Drop

The new and improved App Switcher showcases iOS' answer to traditional windows for apps. Apps can be contained in their own window, and snapped to areas of the screen for easy multitasking. Along with this, text/media can now be dragged and dropped between apps; a welcome change to the cumbersome copy/paste functionality. 

4. Scan and Sign

The new Notes app, aside from extensive new Apple Pencil functionality, now includes a built-in Document Scanner. Documents are sensed, scanned, and automatically touched up to allow users to write in with the Pencil, or fill out fields with the...

5. New and Improved QuickType Keyboard

Instead of switching keyboards to add punctuation to messages and documents, iOS 11 offers iPad users the option to simply "flick" downward on a key to add the punctuation associated with it. Emojis still have their own, separate keyboard however, and there's no comment on if the QuickType keyboard will be customizable.

6. Customizable Control Center

Finally! The new Control Center (the menu that appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen) is fully customizable. Not using AirPlay? Replace it with a toggle for Low Power Mode, or a shortcut to Facebook. Simple. 

7. Automatic Setup

Holding a new device near your usual iOS device during setup can now trigger an automatic import of settings, passwords and preferences. Setting up a new device has never been easier!

Next week we will cover what you can expect from High Sierra, the newest OSX operating system!

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