HDD's give way to the much improved performance of SSD's

By: Abacus access
HDD's give way to the much improved performance of SSD's

The benfits of a SSD (Solid State Drive) cannot be over-stated when compared to a typical HDD (Hard Disk Drive) They provide a noticeable bump in performance during boot-up times and data movement, often clocking in at five times faster than the speeds possible on an HDD.

When discussing the speed of HDDs and SSDs, what is being referred to is the speed at which they can read and write data.

For HDDs, the speed at which the platters spin helps determine the read/write times. When accessing a file, the “read” part of the read/write head notes the positioning of the magnetic sections as it flies over the spinning platters. As long as the file being read was written sequentially, the HDD will read it quickly. However, as the disc becomes crowded with data, it’s easy for a file to be written across multiple sections. This is called “fragmenting” and leads files taking longer to read.

With SSDs, fragmentation is not an issue. Files can be written sporadically across the cells — and in fact are designed to do so — with little impact on read/times, as each cell is accessed simultaneously. This easy, simultaneous access to each cell means files are read at incredibly fast speeds — far faster than an HDD can achieve, regardless of fragmentation.

There are many reasons a SSD should be one of your first considerations when looking to upgrade your computer

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