New "Ransomware" Reinforces The Importance of Backing Up Data

By: Abacus access
New "Ransomware" Reinforces The Importance of Backing Up Data

As the ways of accessing our data and information become more sophisticated, so do the methods of illegally obtaining it. Recently, a string of technological break-ins have occurred across the country, leaving many businesses forced to buy back their data from criminals. 

Ransomware comes in the form of a virus, usually transferred via email. With sometimes a single click, large amounts of data becomes accessible to the senders, who quickly lock out the owners through encryption and demand compensation for the stolen information. The viruses seem to target small to medium sized businesses, and even if a ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that the data will be retrieved. The downtime between stolen data being encrypted and a secure backup of the data being obtained can range from hours to weeks, depending on the situation.

For this reason, the urgency for image-based backups for all businesses has never been higher. A file-based backup is not only inefficient when recovering data, it can also fail completely when confronted with a virus of this nature.

Virtual crime has and will always be an issue for businesses, but luckily there are options for safeguarding systems and protecting what many have worked so hard to earn.

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