R.I.P. Windows Vista (2007-2017)

By: Abacus access
R.I.P. Windows Vista (2007-2017)

In 2007, Microsoft released their first operating system since the incredibly popular Windows XP. This release was poised to be the ultimate killer-app in the world of computers. Expectations were high, and buzz had generated rapidly. Unfortunately the release fell flat after numerous delays and Microsoft was faced with harsh criticism that still exists today. Without Windows Vista, however, there would be no Windows 7 (which is used by half of the world's computers today) or Windows 10 (which is used by 67 million people and counting). 

Windows Vista was replaced by Windows 7 only two years after release, but the its life span has been the same as any other operating system. After the initial release, there were a series of updates, bug fixes, Service Packs, etc. After this process, the decline begins with the end of Mainstream support. This means that Microsoft no longer accepts requests for new features and design changes, nor does it supply non-security hotfixes unless you have an extended support agreement, and all warranty claims end. 

Once Extended support ends, as it did on April 11th, no more security or reliability patches are supplied. What does this mean for users?

The dangers of using an operating system that is no longer supported lie in the fact that nothing about it changes anymore. Any holes in the security of the system, bugs, and general exploits remain there indefinitely. This allows hackers to study the system and build upon their own malicious software without fear that it may not work after an update.

Pure and simple: it is incredibly unsafe to use an outdated operating system.

Upgrading is easy, and it is possible to upgrade without losing any information or starting from scratch. Windows 7 has proven itself to be stable and reliable, while Windows 10 continues to improve with each update and give users new features. Above all, you will not have to worry about the basic security of your system being out-of-date.

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