The Do's and Don'ts of Phishing

By: Abacus access
The Do's and Don'ts of Phishing

For internet scammers, making a living becomes easier and easier each day. With dependency on technology at an all time high, all it takes is a simple email to access every piece of sensitive information a person has. The power to prevent that from happening is not in the attacker, however, but the targets.

Phishing is best described as when a criminal (or criminals) poses as a co-worker, family member, or employee of a company/organization via email with the purpose of obtaining information from their targets. This information could be credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, or even a means to set up a wire-transfer. These email addresses can be difficult to trace, and be either similar or identical to people in your contacts list.

This brings us to what you should and shouldn't do when you feel like a victim of phishing:

DO: Look for "red flags"

Does the message contain a mess of poor spelling/grammar? Do you recognize the sender? If you do, does the subject of the email look like something this sender would say? Carefully reread the email address the email is being sent from: does it have any missing letters or extra punctuation? For example: is not the same as, or These can be early signs of phishing.

DON'T: Click attachments or links if the email seems suspicious

This may seem obvious, but can easily be overlooked in the midst of a busy workday. You may think that your boss is sending you an invoice or a setup file for a program, but it may actually be someone attempting to gain access to your information.

DO: Warn the person the phisher might be impersonating

Usually, if someone's email address becomes a vessel for phishing activity, their contacts/address book are used to look for victims.

DON'T: Worry!

Reach out to us if you suspect anything is going on. We will do everything we can to make sure that your information is safe and that the sender won't be able to reach out to you again. 

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